Kadri-Ann Sumera is one of the most outstanding and sought-after Estonian pianists of her generation. She is engaged as soloist as well as chamber musician and accompanist and her repertoire covers a wide range from baroque to contemporary music. She has made premieres of pieces written for her (for example Piano Concerto from Märt-Matis Lill and “A rebours” from Nicolas Gilbert) and also performed on several Estonian premieres of important works of XX century such as Karlheinz Stockhausen's “Mantra” for two pianos and electronics (with Sabine Simon and Hendrik Manook), Olivier Messiaen's “Harawi” for soprano and piano (with Kai Kallastu) and John Cage's “Dances for two prepared pianos” (with Hanna Heinmaa). She has been involved in some multimedia-performances, for example “Sound:picture”, which combines Estonian classical music with video. Important part of her repertoire consists of the music by Kadri-Ann's father, an important Estonian composer Lepo Sumera but also of the works of other Estonian composers such as Tüür, Tubin, Pärt and Mägi.


Sumera studied at The Estonian Academy of Music and The Music Academy of Cologne under M.Bürger, Ü.Sisa,M.Pakri, P.Lassmann and A.Valdma. In 2004/5, she attended The International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt.


She has successfully participated in competitions, among which she received 2nd prize at the Baltic Television Competition "Alternative" (1997) and special prizes in both the "European Piano Teachers' Association" in Zagreb (2003) and the competition for Estonian pianists (2002).

Sumera is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association and was chairman in 2007- 8. She has made numerous recordings for Estonian Radio. Kadri-Ann is the founder of the New Music Ensemble of Tartu. As a soloist she has performed with orchestras such as Estonian State Symphony Orchestra (lead by Arvo Volmer), Dresden Sinfonietta (Milko Kersten), Pärnu City Orchestra (Risto Joost) etc.


Besides her work as a pianist and teacher in Tartu Heino Eller Music High School, for years Sumera was a presenter on Estonian Classical Radio. She is one of the initiators of the school concert projects in Estonia and is an active kayaker - journeys have taken her from Malawi to Greenland.